EPLAX – the power factory

Who is EPLAX?

Part of the Powerbox Group, EPLAX develops, manufactures and provides power supply solutions in nearly every industrial application, our VEROPOWER brand is synonymous with reliability and durability.

Formerly Elektro-Automatik, re-branding to EPLAX was the result of a management buy-out in 2006. The entire staff, the production facilities in Bremen and our development resources were acquired as well – so, apart from the name, very little has changed. VERO, Elektro-Automatik Schaltnetzgeräte, now EPLAX: find out more about our successful, 50-year company history.

What does EPLAX stand for?

Our company philosophy is based on three pillars: quality, innovation and experience. They are the foundation on which our strong, experienced team develops efficient, reliable power supplies of worldwide renown – from standard 19" plug-in power supply units to highly complex, customised OEM solutions.


EPLAX: Abrv. "electroplax", the voltage generating organ found in some marine life, e.g. Torpedo Rays. The voltage spikes, supplied by the electroplax can reach up to 1000 V or 50 A, used for locating prey or defending against predators. Over millions of years of evolution the electroplax has evolved into a highly efficient organ, optimised and perfectly integrated for different application areas. Just like our power conversion products.