VERO, BICC now EPLAX: A tradition of innovation

Our history

2016EPLAX becomes part of the Powerbox GroupPowerbox, one of Europe’s largest power supply companies, acquired EPLAX. Powerbox and Eplax have a long history in serving some of the world’s most demanding industries with high quality customized power solutions, bringing simplicity into complex power applications. With more than 80 years of combined expertise, Powerbox and Eplax have delivered more than 3,500 custom-power solutions for a variety of demanding applications worldwide.

01/2006Takeover of Elektro-Automatik Schaltnetzgeräte GmbH
by Andreas Mielke and Wolfgang Pape
In a management buy-out, director Andreas Mielke and head of sales Wolfgang Pape acquired equal shares of the company. At the same time, they bought a 51% share of EA Elektro-Automatik Ltd. in the UK. Mr Pape was appointed Assistant Managing Director. On 15 April 2006, the company was renamed EPLAX GmbH as part of the company takeover.

The change of name from Elektro-Automatik Schaltnetzgeräte to EPLAX served to underline the split from the parent company, while also creating a professional corporate identity and emphasising the firm’s orientation towards further, pan-European expansion of business activities in the standard and OEM power supplies sector. At the same time, the English subsidiary was renamed EPLAX Ltd. EPLAX’s base remains in Bremen. All power supplies bearing the VEROPOWER brand are now developed and produced exclusively by EPLAX.

2005Elektro-Automatik Schaltnetzgeräte in Bremen expands its sales activitiesDue to the outstanding success of the VEROPOWER power supplies in 2004 and 2005, Wolfgang Pape transferred to the subsidiary in Bremen as head of sales. Growth, especially in the area of customised special power supplies, drove further expansion of direct sales activities and customer support in this segment.

11/2001Allgeier Computer AG, Bremen acquires 51% of the parent company
EA Elektro-Automatik GmbH & Co.KG, Viersen.
Allgeier thereby extended its portfolio, which had been geared to the IT sector up to this point, adding the new "Basic technologies" division

01/2001Relocation to Fritz-Thiele-Strasse in BremenElektro-Automatik Schaltnetzgeräte GmbH moved to Fritz-Thiele-Straße in Bremen-Habenhausen, not far from the former VERO plant in Bremen-Arsten.

2000Takeover of the VERO power supply division by EA Elektro-Automatik, ViersenIn July 2000 the entire "Electronics" division, in other words, power supplies, was taken over by EA Elektro-Automatik in Viersen (near Düsseldorf) and henceforth operated under the name of "Elektro-Automatik Schaltnetzgeräte GmbH". Company headquarters were still in Bremen. By taking this step the Viersen parent company expanded its product portfolio with the addition of standard and OEM switched-mode power supplies in the small to medium power range, especially for 19" applications.

From that time on, the well-known VEROPOWER power supply units were developed and produced exclusively by Elektro-Automatik Schaltnetzgeräte. The MD was Andreas Mielke, who had already worked in the power supply division at VERO Electronics as a product specialist in 1990, and later as product manager. At this point Mr Pape took up the position of head of sales, including for the VEROPOWER products, at the parent company EA Elektro-Automatik in Viersen. Mr Pape had previously worked for many years in field sales at VERO Electronics.

The VEROPOWER switched-mode power supply VP150 series (150W with active PFC and redundant variants) arrived.

1998Acquisition of majority shareholding by APW (USA)A short time later, the American Group APW took over the VERO Group. There was a further shift towards focusing on the telecommunications sector. Bremen retained the profit centres "Electronics" and "Mechanics". The VEROPOWER switched-mode power supply VP80 series with active PFC and redundant variants was launched.

1998VERO takes over the Danish power supply manufacturer DanicaBy acquiring the Danish power supply maker Danica, VERO extended its expertise in volume production of power supplies for the telecommunications market.

1995Flotation of the VERO Group as a plc on the London Stock ExchangeThe VERO resonance converter PSU series "ISI-Power" with integrated microcontroller and interface (180W) came on the market.

1994MBO, separation from BICCThe VERO Group management acquired the group in an MBO, with backing from investors. From then on the company again traded under the name of VERO Electronics GmbH

1993Market launch of uninterruptible and redundant
VERO switched-mode power supplies

1991Market launch of VERO power supply units, economy version

1988Upgrade of all VERO power supplies to international standardsVERO defined the standard industry pinning for 19" PSUs

1986BICC VERO acquires Imhoff Group in EnglandThe "IMRAK" cabinet business was built up

1979 BICC in the UK acquires the VERO GroupFor BICC, a major English cable-manufacturing group, purchasing the VERO Group meant the acquisition of new technology sectors. The Bremen firm now became BICC VERO Electronics GmbH. Launch of the VERO switch-mode converter GK series (DC/DC converters).

1976/77VERO Electronics in Bremen builds up the power supplies divisionDemand for power supplies that could be inserted into these racks initially came from industry, or more precisely from mechanical engineering firms. VERO Electronics GmbH in Bremen was one of the first power supply manufacturers to launch 19" switched-mode power supplies (SMPS) for use in 19" racks.

VERO CatalogueVERO catalogue from 1980

Head of development Günter Fritz ushered in the legendary series of highly efficient and compact standard switched-mode power supplies we still know today under the name of VERO – now called VEROPOWER – with the product "Monovolt PK50", a 50W switched-mode power supply with one output voltage (5V, 12V, 15V or 24V). Launch of the VERO switched-mode power supply PK series (AC/DC power supplies).

1966VERO launches the first,
simple mounting racks on the market
These racks, known by the name "KM4", were still purely metric. Parallel to production of the mechanical systems in the UK, a small facility was set up at VERO in Bremen for producing the racks.

1964VERO Electronics GmbH is established in Bremen
(as a subsidiary of VERO in the UK) by Mr Weiss
Mr Weiss began selling VERO boards in Germany.

1961VERO is established by Mr Verdon Roe in EnglandOne of the very first VERO products was the "VERO Board", with which many past students of electronic engineering will still be familiar today, a matrix board for assembling test circuits and test setups.