More than a manufacturer:
Our experience sets us apart


TeamworkTeamwork at EPLAX

Decades of experience in the market, profound industry knowledge and continuous market observation put us in a position to find the perfect power supply solution to virtually every requirement. In doing so, we have recourse to a large cooperation network in the systems and components industry. Whether you require a low-cost solution or a sophisticated, highly integrated power supply, you benefit from our in-depth skills and wealth of experience.



Our large development team consists of skilful specialists: e-Technology engineers, software and microcontroller developers, designers and technicians work hand-in-hand. When developing new products we can also draw on a wealth of previously realised power supply solutions and circuit engineering for a vast range of applications. That saves time and ensures cost-efficient development.


Out purchasing department works hard to get the best terms and pricesWe work hard to get the best prices


Experienced in-house purchasing specialists make sure that we only buy in components and services that combine top quality with an exceptional price/performance ratio. We now have an innovative and quality-aware pool of resources with suppliers for whom, like us, what matters is a close, successful and lasting working relationship.


ISO 9001 quality management

When you put your trust in EPLAX, you commit to quality: because the quality of our products is our top priority. We inspect, test and data log every device before it leaves our factory. To this end, we have an advanced, high-quality, UL and CSA certified test bay for commissioning, safety tests, burn-in and functional tests.

External production facilities are audited by our production control department. The result speaks for itself: VEROPOWER power supplies are synonymous with fail-safety, high efficiency and low thermal losses. Numerous audits by renowned international customers from many different industries have confirmed our status as best in the business, which confirms our belief that rigorously pursuing quality is the right policy.


Extensive after-sales serviceExtensive after-sales service

We offer a wide range of services to support you every step of the way, both before and after you make a purchase. Whether you need a customized solution, require support during the implementation, or would like to replace a component:

Out specialists will be happy to pay you a visit to discuss the project and advise you.

Industry knowledge

Every industry has different power supply requirements. And for many of them we have already developed a good number of power supplies geared to special applications. Thus, we have experience and know-how in the fields of telecommunications, mechanical engineering, traffic control systems, industrial plants, power plant control systems, rail vehicles, aviation (stationary and airborne), laser technology and optoelectronics, to mention but a few.