Flexible Manufacturing

Mass production in high quality

EPLAX Manufacturing cooperation in the Far EastManufacturing cooperation Far East

Our serial production is based on close cooperation partnerships with highly qualified, external assembly units in Germany and abroad, particularly in Asia. This allows us to flexibly adapt our production capacities to the requirements at hand – from small batches to mass production. Assembly and soldering processes are carried out by our service partners according to our precise specification. We maintain full control of the entire process at all times.


Manufacturing cooperation in GermanyManufacturing cooperation in Germany

Competitive small-batch production

Our prototypes and small-batch series,
on the other hand, are often produced exclusively
by our own manufacturing units. This way, we are
able to produce even small batches flexibly
and at competitive prices.


Quality-controlled manufacturing

EPLAX Monitoring production qualityMonitoring production quality

Our effective production controlling unit monitors all manufacturing processes, whether on site at Eplax or at our national and international partners’ facilities. We review our partners’ manufacturing at the beginning of the cooperation and continue monitoring the quality at regular intervals. Because all our power supply units are fail-safe, reliable, energy-efficient, and offer very low thermal losses – no matter where they were manufactured. We continuously apply our extensive production expertise to further optimize every aspect of the manufacturing process.