The EPLAX philosophy

We focus on the needs of our customers.

Intensive consumer consultation at EPLAXIntensive consumer consultation

Our aim is to offer our customers the ideal power supply solution. That's why we serve our customers, both at home and abroad, exclusively on a personal basis, using only EPLAX project managers and highly skilled engineers. By providing expert, detailed advice on-site, we mean to ensure that we fulfil individual requirements in the best possible way.

We respond to customers’ wishes flexibly. If desired, we will customize products from international manufacturers. Cooperating with systems suppliers enables us to realize complex solutions that go beyond the scope of the power supply sector.

Consistent quality controlConsistent quality control

We put quality into practice.

All our products must meet the highest standards of quality. So each individual process undergoes rigorous quality management that is implemented by all our staff, has been audited many times, and which we are continuously adapting and improving.

We believe in innovation.

Everything we do is innovation-driven. That’s why we have been one of the leading companies in our field for over 30 years. Our standard range of power supplies have built a strong reputation with global recognition of the VEROPOWER range, today we are a company that is breaking new ground in the industry. We intend to continue leading the way.

Burn-in room at our Bremen locationBurn-in room at our Bremen location

We are committed to
our staff and location.

All core tasks are performed by skilled EPLAX staff at our Bremen location. Development, component specification, purchasing, incoming goods inspection, storage, commissioning, safety tests, burn-in, functional tests, packaging and dispatch: all these processes are carried out exclusively in-house.

We are flexible and indipendent.

We manufacture high-quality power supply units both in in-house and with national and international production partners. Prototypes and small batches are produced entirely in-house; for larger volumes we use global partners. Thus, we are not restricted in terms of production volume. Nor are we bound by any other limitations: as an independent company, we can conduct our business freely in the marketplace.

We offer competitive prices.

The combination of production partnerships, in-house small batch production and cost-efficient production processes enables us to offer our products at an exceptional price-performance ratio that stands up to international comparison, even in the high-volume segment. Our experience and our pool of existing solutions are the basis on which we keep costs down, in development as well as production.

We aim for a global presence.

Our global network of EPLAX sales engineers and qualified trade partners and distributors guarantees our customers the availability of our products in all major markets around the world – together with expert advice.


A few of many successful Veropower Converters and OEM power supplies

Results of an internalised philosophy:
Successful standard power supplies and individual OEM power solutions.

From left to right: Veropower cPCI AC/DC and DC/DC converters, the new Veropower PK75 plug-in power supply with 3 outputs, a custom-designed power supply unit for European air traffic control systems and a special power supply for antenna adjustment systems according to AISG. Find out more about our standard power supply units and special OEM power solutions.