Integration of power supply units (PSU)

System integration

No power supply unit is an island

We do much more than just develop and produce switch-mode power supplies. System integration is part of our corporate DNA. Our brand name VEROPOWER is a reminder of our roots in the Bremen-based company VERO ELECTRONICS – a company that manufactured control cabinet systems, module racks, casings, front plates, and of course VEROPOWER power supply units.

VERO prototyping swich-mode power suppliesVirtual prototype and photo of the real device

We let you focus on your core business

Finding the right power supply solution is the first and important step in each of our projects. It is followed by a series of other requirements that are more peripheral, but equally important: wiring, connectors, mechanics, and so on. Factors like fail safety, thermal conditions, and EMV standards also need to be considered. System integration is a complex matter, and one that you can entrust to us.

Having worked closely together with numerous customers over the years, we have built up extensive expertise in integrating power supply units into virtually any system.

Speaking of virtually: we create accurate, virtual 3D CAD prototypes to develop power supply solutions that match all customer specifications exactly. This saves us the time-consuming and costly process of manufacturing mechanical prototypes while allowing us to deliver precisely what our customers need.

We are well connected

Despite our experience and expertise there are system integration challenges that we cannot solve alone. This is when we leverage our extensive network of partners and experts – a network we have built over many years and continue to expand. No matter how specialized the problem – from special mechanical engineering to battery backups or air conditioning technology, we know just the right people.